Visualize Distributions With Seaborn

Seaborn is a library that uses Matplotlib underneath to plot graphs. It will be used to visualize random distributions.

Install Seaborn.

If you have Python and PIP already installed on a system, install it using this command:

C:\Users\Your Name>pip install seaborn

If you use Jupyter, install Seaborn using this command:

C:\Users\Your Name>!pip install seaborn


Distplot stands for distribution plot, it takes as input an array and plots a curve corresponding to the distribution of points in the array.

Import Matplotlib

Import the pyplot object of the Matplotlib module in your code using the following statement:

You can learn about the Matplotlib module in our Matplotlib Tutorial.

Import Seaborn

Import the Seaborn module in your code using the following statement:

Plotting a Distplot


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Plotting a Distplot Without the Histogram


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Note: We will be using: sns.distplot(arr, hist=False) to visualize random distributions in this tutorial.