Genes and stem cells

Everything you need to know about the latest discoveries in the fields of gene modification and cell therapy in an hour.

Course content:

0:10 Methods for obtaining pluripotent cells
12:32 Epigenetics and stem cells
21:55 New technologies in the treatment of vision diseases
33:15 Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
44:00 Growing organelles
55:20 Possibilities of adult stem cells

This video is compiled from materials from the course of biologist Sergei Kiselev “Genes and Stem Cells”. Read transcripts and additional materials here:

Sergey Kiselev Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Epigenetics Laboratory at the Institute of General Genetics named after N.I. Vavilov RAS

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“History of Armenia”. A film by the HAYK film company. Full version.

  • Prologue 03:06
  • Part 1. Resettlement of ancient Armenian tribes in the Armenian Highlands. 10:20
  • Part 2. Formation of the kingdom of Yervanduni. 20:51
  • Part 3. Empire of Tigran the Great. Armenia from sea to sea. 35:45
  • Part 4. Armenia – The first Christian state in world history. 53:45
  • Part 5. Mesrop Mashtots and the “Golden Age”. 01:11:43
  • Part 6. The flourishing of the culture of medieval Armenia. The struggle of Armenia against Arab rule. 01:26:13
  • Part 7. Armenia under the yoke of the nomadic tribes of the XIII-XVIII centuries. 01:36:12
  • Part 8. Accession of Eastern Armenia to Russia. Armenia as part of the Russian Empire. 01:49:46
  • Part 9. The liberation struggle of the Armenian people in the second half of the 19th century. “The Armenian question”. 02:01:54
  • Part 10. First World War. The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. 02:20:48
  • Part 11. Proclamation of the First Armenian Republic. 02:37:30
  • Part 12. Second (Soviet) Republic of Armenia. 02:55:38
  • Third Republic of Armenia. 03:19:08
  • Chronology of the main events of the History of Armenia.

Myths of Evolution |: Movie: Product:

The film PROJECTION follows the question, which the protagonists of this century ozadachival science: How did Zemle live? Everyday sickness is followed by the fact that what drove thanks to simple chemistry, which chaotically turned inanimate matter into the first living cell. On the other hand, this explanation is devoid of evidence and indifference to only the ego of the perpetrators.

By the way, how PROSECUTION finds the lack of materialist theories, you wake up to the path of molecular space, which is organized by the extraordinarily biological science of engineering, the name of which.

Finally, a film comes out for the framework of science, which reveals only the deepest secrets of the human race: from where did you come and where did you come from?

Quantum physics and the quantum computer. Scientific sensations

Quantum physics and quantum computing. Cryptography. What is the possible collapse of the peace and financial system? When does the volume become faster in trillions? How to get rid of hackers all the time? And how long have we been left with all this? In this video you will find out what such cubes, magnets and superpositions are like, see for example how a photon displays the properties of particles and wool at the same time.