Python statistics Module

Python statistics Module

Python statistics Module

Python has a built-in module that you can use to calculate mathematical statistics of numeric data.

The statistics module was new in Python 3.4.

Statistics Methods

Method Description
statistics.harmonic_mean() Calculates the harmonic mean (central location) of the given data
statistics.mean() Calculates the mean (average) of the given data
statistics.median() Calculates the median (middle value) of the given data
statistics.median_grouped() Calculates the median of grouped continuous data
statistics.median_high() Calculates the high median of the given data
statistics.median_low() Calculates the low median of the given data
statistics.mode() Calculates the mode (central tendency) of the given numeric or nominal data
statistics.pstdev() Calculates the standard deviation from an entire population
statistics.stdev() Calculates the standard deviation from a sample of data
statistics.pvariance() Calculates the variance of an entire population
statistics.variance() Calculates the variance from a sample of data