Python cmath Module

Python cmath Module

Python cmath Module

Python has a built-in module that you can use for mathematical tasks for complex numbers.

The methods in this module accepts intfloat, and complex numbers. It even accepts Python objects that has a __complex__() or __float__() method.

The methods in this module almost always return a complex number. If the return value can be expressed as a real number, the return value has an imaginary part of 0.

The cmath module has a set of methods and constants.

cMath Methods

Method Description
cmath.acos(x) Returns the arc cosine value of x
cmath.acosh(x) Returns the hyperbolic arc cosine of x
cmath.asin(x) Returns the arc sine of x
cmath.asinh(x) Returns the hyperbolic arc sine of x
cmath.atan(x) Returns the arc tangent value of x
cmath.atanh(x) Returns the hyperbolic arctangent value of x
cmath.cos(x) Returns the cosine of x
cmath.cosh(x) Returns the hyperbolic cosine of x
cmath.exp(x) Returns the value of Ex, where E is Euler’s number (approximately 2.718281…), and x is the number passed to it
cmath.isclose() Checks whether two values are close, or not
cmath.isfinite(x) Checks whether x is a finite number
cmath.isinf(x) Check whether x is a positive or negative infinty
cmath.isnan(x) Checks whether x is NaN (not a number)
cmath.log(x[, base]) Returns the logarithm of x to the base
cmath.log10(x) Returns the base-10 logarithm of x
cmath.phase() Return the phase of a complex number
cmath.polar() Convert a complex number to polar coordinates
cmath.rect() Convert polar coordinates to rectangular form
cmath.sin(x) Returns the sine of x
cmath.sinh(x) Returns the hyperbolic sine of x
cmath.sqrt(x) Returns the square root of x
cmath.tan(x) Returns the tangent of x
cmath.tanh(x) Returns the hyperbolic tangent of x


cMath Constants

Constant Description
cmath.e Returns Euler’s number (2.7182…)
cmath.inf Returns a floating-point positive infinity value
cmath.infj Returns a complex infinity value
cmath.nan Returns floating-point NaN (Not a Number) value
cmath.nanj Returns coplext NaN (Not a Number) value
cmath.pi Returns PI (3.1415…)
cmath.tau Returns tau (6.2831…)