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Python 3.10.4 -

Python 3.10.4

Learn python in 7 hours! Python Lessons A complete course of learning to program in python from scratch

  1.   00:00  Introduction to the course of python lessons
  2.   00:45  Installing python, the first program
  3.   10:47  Variables
  4.   20:56  Data types in pytho
  5.   30:02  Conditional statements “if”, “elif”, “else”
  6.   39:03  Conditional statements 2
  7.   45:53  Conditional Operators Practice
  8.   56:44  while loop
  9.   1:12:37  for loop
  10.   1:21:23  A for loop, a loop within a loop
  11.   1:29:34  Lists, list data type
  12.   1:41:29  Lists, methods of the list data type
  13.   1:53:21  Tuples, tuple data type
  14.   2:08:42  Practice python, os module, walk function
  15.   2:21:16  def functions, definition, and call
  16.   2:30:07  def functions, parameters, and arguments
  17.   2:43:49  Functions variable number of arguments, *args parameter
  18.   2:56:28  Functions, variable scope
  19.   3:08:49  Functions and code structure
  20.   3:22:07  Dictionaries, data type dict
  21.   3:37:22  Dictionaries, dict methods
  22.   3:49:21  Reading and writing files
  23.   4:05:29  Sets, set data type
  24.   4:22:30  Strings escaped characters
  25.   4:30:17  Strings, str methods
  26.   4:43:13  f-string, string formatting
  27.   4:50:10  Exception handling, try, except
  28.   5:09:59  Context manager with as
  29.   5:16:19  Import modules, if __name__ == ‘__main__”
  30.   5:34:58  Dice game in python Tkinter
  31.   5:56:53  Decorators
  32.   6:10:36  List, dictionary, set generators
  33.   6:30:56  Generator expression
  34.   6:43:03  Generator function, the yield statement   
  35.   6:51:51  lambda function

Python Tutorial

Python lessons for beginners from scratch – a complete course for learning to program in Python. Learn the python programming language for free, basics from scratch, complete python learning lecture course. The course video covers all the main topics with examples and practice necessary for a junior python developer. At the end of the course, you will know all the basic python syntax and be free to write your own code!

Python is a popular programming language. Python can be used on a server to create web applications.

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