Pandas – Plotting

Pandas – Plotting


Pandas uses the plot() method to create diagrams.

We can use Pyplot, a submodule of the Matplotlib library to visualize the diagram on the screen.

Read more about Matplotlib in our Matplotlib Tutorial.


Import pyplot from Matplotlib and visualize our DataFrame:


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The examples in this page uses a CSV file called: ‘data.csv’.

Download data.csv or Open data.csv

Scatter Plot

Specify that you want a scatter plot with the kind argument:

kind = 'scatter'

A scatter plot needs an x- and a y-axis.

In the example below we will use “Duration” for the x-axis and “Calories” for the y-axis.

Include the x and y arguments like this:

x = 'Duration', y = 'Calories'



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Remember: In the previous example, we learned that the correlation between “Duration” and “Calories” was 0.922721, and we conluded with the fact that higher duration means more calories burned.

By looking at the scatterplot, I will agree.

Let’s create another scatterplot, where there is a bad relationship between the columns, like “Duration” and “Maxpulse”, with the correlation 0.009403:


A scatterplot where there are no relationship between the columns:


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