New signs that the universe is a Neural Network

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New Gun! This is a category where new riddles, discoveries, inventions, and ideas that make you think, inspire, or just cheer you up are waiting for you. The headline is just one of the news. 

If you want to see something specific, use the table of contents — it’s convenient. Table of contents

  • 00:00 – Thanks
  • 01:19 – Liberated cells built biorobots
  • 01:36 – Liberated cells built biorobots
  • 05:19 – Artificial black hole in the laboratory
  • 07:15 – Israel University of Technology (advertising)
  • 08:37 – Unknown, the fifth force of nature
  • 13:53 – Decoding octopus dreams
  • 16:45 – Where cosmotourism leads us (chapter with advertising)
  • 19:25 – What if the universe is a neural network (the news was prepared together with Sergey Grishchenko)
  • 24:27 – Snake people, magnetic anomaly, cancellation of evolution, frost record
  • 29:00 – New riddles for the lazy

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