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Before introducing the brilliant physicist Albert Einstein, a man who, with his scientific thoughts expressed by him, long ago came into possession of the functions of God, having discovered the theory of relativity, the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Getting acquainted with these thoughts from my student years, I always had a question. How did they treat God, religion, beliefs?

Because I couldn’t ask these questions to a phenomenal scientist. I will try to present to you the questions asked by contemporaries and the answers he gives. Let’s try to understand what Einstein said about God, religion and the structure of the universe is too difficult for our limited mind, there is a conflict between science and religion in general, and what Einstein, Spinoza and Elon Musk have in common:

Albert Einstein’s attitude to religion was unique. Of his contemporaries, he can be compared to Elon Musk. Recently, at a conference with Axios, he was asked if he believes in God, to whom the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla gave a short break, looked into the audience and made the following expression: “I think there is some explanation for this whole universe.

Einstein called it God.”

A German Jewish physicist, known for the discovery of special and general relativity, speaking about the unpredictability of quantum mechanics, once said, “God does not play dice,” Einstein said for some reason. He tried to make it clear that in quantum physics everything is relative, nothing can be predicted.

For example, in quantum physics, no one can tell where any electron or any atom is at a certain time.

Einstein believed that if there is some universal equation to describe the universe, there is no place for randomness in it, because in this case this equation will not be complete enough (like the Copenhagen explanation of quantum mechanics).:

such as Absolute, Absolute Spirit, Absolute Idea:

In the sacred books of the Abrahamic religions, God is described as the first person who expresses feelings such as anger or pride, and from time to time appears in a humanistic image[2]. God speaks to the prophets, has will, feelings (anger, grief, happiness), intentions and other characteristics characteristic of the human personality ․ ․ ․


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He was born on March 14, 1879

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