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  • Ladies and Gentlemen, At, https://learnprosoft.com/  we will try to create an environment where you will get one or two clicks of information you are interested in, about science, high technology, biology, the universe, the present and the future of our planet.
  • One of the important ideas of the site is to give the young people of the Armenian nation an opportunity to learn and create.
  • The site is eccentric, it is designed for people who think non-standard, that is, people who have the data to become a genius.
  • Any information on the site, if embedded from the outside, will definitely be a link to the source.
  • Any information posted on the site will be the most read relevant material on Wikipedia.
  • The goal is to provide the most requested and most up-to-date materials available on the site.
  • We will also have an opinion on the materials, for comments, those registered on the site will be given the opportunity to express their thoughts.
  • The website is in 3 languages: English, Russian and Armenian. All materials will be quickly translated into Armenian according to its demand.
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About me

Let me introduce myself: Armen Grigoryan, born on December 29, 1953, retired, scientist-creator. By the way, it is a very interesting status: infinite time, internet, wikipedia, Google with its many wonderful tools, enough health, a huge number of thoughts, but not to scare. Failure to do so is not just about aging. No, it has more to do with my memory, it looked like a volcano, you can not predict when with what force it will erupt in what direction and what consequences it will cause.

TO THE CREATOR: Man, Different Biosystems is very close at birth, when everything is still ahead, that is, you have not yet formed as a person. And in adulthood, when all our particles, the conscious and responsible bacteria, the living bodies try to assess their abilities and survival power in calm conditions.
It is very important to understand the CREATOR’s assessment of the power of your system to survive.
It makes sense to live if you have something to say, to leave to humanity.

I received my higher education at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Radio Electronic Equipment Design and Production.

As far as I can remember, I have always been interested in creating. At the initial stage, it did not matter by what means: Painting, sculpting, writing a poem, collecting something with my hands, working. Growing up, especially when I started to study mathematics, physics, chemistry, I became interested in physics, more specifically electricity, radio transmitters-receivers.

I graduated from the institute, got a degree in Radio Electronics Engineering and was sent to work at the Yerevan Institute of Radio Measurements. As I was interested in the idea of ​​the possibility of transmitting information through lasers and optical equipment, I also learned that the Department of Optics of Yerevan State University is busy with such issues, where I applied and was hired. After a year of working on “Modulated Laser Beams for Fiber Optic Control Panel” for which I received my first copyright certificate, I was invited to the Leningrad Vavilov State Optical Institute, a research and development enterprise for the development of optical technology. :

Then, in the Soviet Union, when the opportunity to create cooperatives began, I created a cooperative, which carried out the work of creating and implementing flow lines, repairing machine installations and creating and implementing remote control systems. Then, after the end of the USSR, entrusting Karen Serobich to Demirchyan, I became involved in political activities. I became a member of the People’s Party, after which I became a member of the Justice bloc. I was appointed head of the Department of Interstate Cooperation of the RA Economy. Then the October 27 massacre took place in the RA National Assembly. After that, changes took place in the party, the continuation of which resulted in my appointment as RA Deputy Minister of Economy – Science and High Technologies.

In order to promote IT Development in the Republic of Armenia, I started the idea of ​​creating an Information Technology Development Support Council. By the order of the President of the Republic of Armenia, the ITDC since 2001, to which the IT companies operating in the Republic of Armenia became members. The council functioned until 2019, when I was sent to retire. I know Visual C ++, Visual Basic for Applications, Lua, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Kotlin, Python 3.9. I informed you about all this so that users of https://learnprosoft.com/ do not get the impression of unprofessionalism.

Best regards, Armen Grigoryan