Metamaterials. Scientific sensations


Search and creation of materials is the basis of civilization and technological progress. No wonder the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages marked entire epochs in the history of mankind. Modern scientists state that old materials have developed their progressive resource. Materials with exceptional properties are capable of bringing the future closer. Why did one of the main scientific sensations of the 21st century get the prefix “meta-“: what does “super-” mean? What are the magical properties of the metamaterial? What contribution did scientists from Russia make to the creation of materials with unprecedented properties? What are the challenges facing researchers? And why do so many believe in the bright future of these incredible ideas?

Science Sensations is a series of films that tell about sensational scientific discoveries and achievements of our day. These are scientific breakthroughs that change people’s perception of the world, and, in the long term, the life of mankind. The project aims to give the viewer an idea of ​​the place of the latest achievements in the widest range of modern scientific concepts. Films will be performed in various genres (both with a presenter in the frame and without), which is dictated by the specifics of each particular sensation.