Scientific sensations. Bacteria rule the world.2

На At the beginning of 2017 in the United States, a woman died, who is so faithful to the travels in India. Healers quickly get bacterial natural diseases and treat with antibiotics. We did not help any of the 26 antibiotics regulated by the application of the USSR territories. This includes the so-called “antibiotics last reserve”, which are rarely used in extreme cases. The first thing to read is that antibiotics – with their many unproven nicknames – give birth to an absolute nuclear weapon against infections. But is that so?

У Scientific sensations – this is a cycle of films, narratives about sensational scientific discoveries and achievements of our day. Науто научные прорывы, меняющие представление людей о мире, а в перспективе – жизнь человечества. The project puts its task to give a representative representation of the place of new achievements in only a wide range of modern scientific representations. Films will be performed in different genres (as with a shot in the frame, with or without), which dictates specific specific sensations.