PSYCHOLOGIST Falikman: Jokes of the BRAIN, Why are we in the Matrix and the Big Illusion

In this issue, one of the main topics for me is how what we perceive differs from what is around. And why does the brain do this to us? Big illusion of consciousness, right and left hemispheres, who has a growing brain. We are talking with the doctor of psychological sciences Maria Falikman.

  1. 0:00 – Entry. Visiting psychologist Maria Falikman
  2. 1:05 – “We seem to notice everything.” What is the “grand illusion of consciousness”?
  3. 6:11 – Why do we need attention experiments and what do they show?
  4. 10:57 – “People love challenges.” How does our attention work?
  5. 16:32 – Why do we stick to social networks
  6. 19:09 – About the modes of functioning of attention
  7. 21:40 – How does the brain process faces?
  8. 26:28 – About recognition programs in the brain
  9. 28:59 – How is our brain arranged? And what is responsible for what?
  10. 39:31 – What is a blind spot and how do we get rid of it?
  11. 42:41 – How authentically does our brain process the world and how does it work with illusions?
  12. 46:10 – “The movement of the eyes is imposed by the task.” What does the brain highlight in images?
  13. 51:52 – What forms our perception of reality?
  14. 59:52 – How is it useful to use perceptual errors?
  15. 1:02:16 – How do scammers use our attention against us?
  16. 1:05:50 – Why don’t we notice typos?
  17. 1:06:40 – “Our brain is not ready to use. It needs to be formatted.” How does the brain understand mathematics?
  18. 1:10:52 – The special brain of London taxi drivers. And how does the profession shape the brain?
  19. 1:17:08 – At what age do we start to learn more slowly?
  20. 1:18:42 – What do we like to watch the most and why?
  21. 1:23:46 – “Beautiful is what we have been taught to consider beautiful”
  22. 1:24:27 – What is the “Google effect”?
  23. 1:27:09 – Auto-correction and how does it affect our mental abilities?
  24. 1:29:36 – Does the brain differ in people who read from right to left?
  25. 1:33:54 – Thanks for watching!