Predictive Coding Theory | How the Brain Builds a Model of Reality | The Illusion of Objectivity

…The main task of the brain is to properly allocate the limited resources of our body, as well as to anticipate the needs of the body and satisfy them even before they appear.
Therefore, the brain has mechanisms that organize the processes of perception, pre-sorting them into categories and selecting from a huge stream of data those that it considers the most significant for the body.
In fact, we perceive not the world around us, but the predictions of the brain – its modeling, which is constantly being created, corrected and reproduced. In fact, our sensations are brain fantasies that coincide with reality.
The structure of our brain is such that it is more rational for it to use internal connections between neurons, which are much more numerous than those through which sensory information comes from the outside world. At the same time, the brain predicts and independently determines the results – it complements the incomplete picture with the necessary details to give concrete meaning to ambiguous sensory data…….

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