Quantum Biology | Quantum genes of living organisms


Each of us has at least a minimal understanding of quantum mechanics. Although, this idea often boils down to the fact that quantum mechanics is the most complex and strange science, and only a small number of very smart people can navigate in it. Nevertheless, quantum mechanics is already an integral part of every person’s life and by watching this video you can see for yourself.
We have already talked about superposition, quantum tunneling, wave-particle duality and many other incredible phenomena inherent in quantum physics. Taking into account the principle of interconnectedness, as well as the application of research methods of one science to study objects and processes of another, scientists have suggested that quantum phenomena can occur in biology.
It is difficult to disagree with this, since the laws of quantum mechanics govern the behavior of atoms, and biology, in the final analysis, is nothing more than the interaction of atoms. Thus, the same laws of the quantum world should operate at the molecular levels of the organization of life studied by biology.
Indeed, in recent years, the knowledge of scientists in this area has expanded significantly. In particular, it was discovered that quantum phenomena such as superposition and tunneling effect are part of many biological processes – from the absorption of sunlight by plants, to the synthesis of biomolecules in all cells of our body. Even the sense of smell or a set of genes that we inherit from our parents can depend on a paradoxical and sometimes even mystical quantum world.
Articles with the results of research in the field of quantum biology regularly appear on the pages of the most prestigious scientific journals. Moreover, there is a rather large group of scientists who are confident in the decisive role of the laws of quantum mechanics in the very phenomenon of life, as well as in the fact that life is the very state that has supernatural quantum properties on the border of the micro- and macrocosm.
Every year, more and more facts are accumulated in science, indicating that living matter is built mainly from the same particles that make up inanimate matter. The molecules of our DNA or enzymes are made up of such elementary particles as protons and electrons, the interaction of which is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics …….

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