Objective Reality Does Not Exist | Wigner’s friend paradox

Usually people don’t think about what reality is. In everyday life, every time we observe a standard landscape outside the window, familiar building facades or familiar faces of people. A person contacts the surrounding world through perception through the senses – we see objects, hear sounds, feel warmth and cold. In the generally accepted sense, reality is the reality around us. But can we be sure that the world around us is really real and that we all see the same picture?
According to quantum theory, reality does not exist until we measure it, that is, we do not observe it. It is only by starting to observe that we destroy uncertainty. However, there is one nuance here – any possible observation or interpretation will be subjective and already on this basis cannot be an absolute truth.
This concept is supported by a new experiment conducted by leading physicist Massimiliano Proietti and his team at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. The results of the experiment were published in February on the website of the largest scientific library arXiv.org. The experiment was the first to prove the existence of Wigner’s friend paradox (1963), according to which two people can experience “different reality” – observing different states of the same physical system simultaneously.
A group of Scottish physicists managed to demonstrate an incredible idea that was previously expressed only as part of a thought experiment. It turned out that under the right conditions, two people can observe the same event with different results – but each of them will be right …….

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