The Mystery of Noah’s Ark

Mount Ararat, on the top of which Noah’s ark is obliged to stay, is mentioned in the religious legends of the Babylonian kingdom and the Sumerian country. Islamic legends still immortalize Noah (in Arabic Nuh) and his large ark-ship, however, again, the indication of the place of his anchorage in the mountains , which is here called Al-Jud (peaks), under them are assumed both Ararat and 2 other mountains on the lands of the Near East. The Bible gives us approximate information about the location of the ark: “… the ark is on the Ararat mountains.” Travelers who for centuries made voyages with caravans to Central Asia or back, repeatedly passed near Ararat and then knew that they actually saw the ark near the top of the mountain, or they mysteriously hinted at their own plans to find this ship-ark. Among other things, they stated that, in fact, amulets were made from the wreckage of the ark for defense against ailments, misfortunes, poisonous substances and unrequited love. Starting from about 1800, groups of mountain climbers with quadrants, altimeters, and later with cameras, climbed to Ararat. These expeditions did not notice the true remains of the huge Noah’s ark, but they found large ship-like imprints – in the glaciers and near the very top of the mountain, they noted powerful columnar formations covered with ice, similar to tree supports hewn by human hands. At the same time, the consideration was expressed that the ark gradually slid down the mountainside and disintegrated into countless fragments, which now, probably, have frozen in time from the glaciers covering Ararat.

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