“History of Armenia”. A film by the HAYK film company. Full version.

  • Prologue 03:06
  • Part 1. Resettlement of ancient Armenian tribes in the Armenian Highlands. 10:20
  • Part 2. Formation of the kingdom of Yervanduni. 20:51
  • Part 3. Empire of Tigran the Great. Armenia from sea to sea. 35:45
  • Part 4. Armenia – The first Christian state in world history. 53:45
  • Part 5. Mesrop Mashtots and the “Golden Age”. 01:11:43
  • Part 6. The flourishing of the culture of medieval Armenia. The struggle of Armenia against Arab rule. 01:26:13
  • Part 7. Armenia under the yoke of the nomadic tribes of the XIII-XVIII centuries. 01:36:12
  • Part 8. Accession of Eastern Armenia to Russia. Armenia as part of the Russian Empire. 01:49:46
  • Part 9. The liberation struggle of the Armenian people in the second half of the 19th century. “The Armenian question”. 02:01:54
  • Part 10. First World War. The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. 02:20:48
  • Part 11. Proclamation of the First Armenian Republic. 02:37:30
  • Part 12. Second (Soviet) Republic of Armenia. 02:55:38
  • Third Republic of Armenia. 03:19:08
  • Chronology of the main events of the History of Armenia.

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