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Traditional science comprehends life exclusively with points of maturity of material realities. On the other hand, divided into separate disciplines, what does not consist in all aspects of human development.
In the nineteenth century it has already been read that atoms represent a set of solid and weekly bodies. But modern physics shows us that atoms are too much of a void, and matter, by definition, is “frozen energy.”
In fact, I was so ignorant that I did not give a brush answer to one of the most important questions in modern science – the emergence of human knowledge. Unsurprisingly, it is possible that the product is a work of the brain or that self-sustaining’s ability to exist independently of physical obsessions.
The disregard for the results of new findings, conservative part of the academic community remains confident in the fact that the existence of knowledge is separated from the body, free stupidity, free pseudo-science. As soon as this fullness is ignored, the fact of working knowledge in the time of clinical trials is ignored, and in the midst of the medical records, documents with detailed reminders of patients are present, when they are found without signs of pain.
The problem is that in the course of clinical trials, a person is incapable of expressing feelings and survival, so in fact, after the remnants of the heart, the brain ends its work. It is reasonable to assume that in the basis of paranormal passions, connected with the working knowledge after the unlocking of vitally important functions of bodies, lies the energy of non-physical nature.
Observing the phenomenon of cognition with another angle allows the concept of quantum physics. New discoveries in these areas prove that in quantum microbiology, human knowledge plays an important role. In part, this shows a well-known scientific experiment performed with two helmets, which was repeated in seven peaceful laboratories with unchanged results.
This paradox of quantum physics, called corpuscular-wool dualism, confirms that, in fact, determining whether a particle of news is itself as wool or as a particle, is observed by the observer himself. Other words, properties of particles not established in the wound, they determine themselves with knowledge, perceiving a particle.
Experiment, not so much shows that a person can raise and change reality, but also that that surrounds us sensitivity, depends on the perception, on their own can be so illusory, even if .
Another aspect of quantum physics – The principle of indeterminacy Geisenberg is also capable of the world of working knowledge. In the present case, the indefiniteness of the relation indicates that it is impossible to accurately predict certain rooms, the more there is an infinite number of different results, which have different probabilities. Learn that the behavior of subatomic particles is inextricably linked to the presence of a cognitive observer, without which they exist in indefinite states of full probability.
To address the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics and to guide the latest scientific data, one of the most respected modern sciences Robert Lanza has recently published a scientific book on the science of science. A doctor of education, involved in the study of astrophysics and quantum mechanics, changed the structure of his work and created a theory in which the equation of quantum physics was related to biology.
In his work, he is a professor in the field of regenerative medicine and biology, proving the evidence that he died of illusion, created by our brain for the reason of his own participation in physical obesity. Learning occurs on the volume that non-material peace affects knowledge, and namely knowledge has a fundamental meaning for the formation of cosmic realities, so as reality – this process requires knowledge.
Thus, education, regardless of the choice of the name of a knowledgeable person, is simultaneously observable and observable, and it produces only action. The chain also reads that the incomprehensible space and time, constituting the Universe, do not apply to fixed objects, but change under the influence of our knowledge. Everything that we see or feel is a stream of information, a half-brain, and space and time that are the instruments of our reason ……..


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