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How did the universe come about?

It is difficult to give a reasoned opinion about how the universe came to be.



Modeling the whole process, we can come to the conclusion that:

“Most likely there was an explosion in a vacuum, abyss or empty space.
It started with abrasion, a hydrogen atom. Even very small changes occurring in a vacuum, more precisely in the abyss. With the release of excess energy, a small collision of positive and negative charges resulted in an accumulation of critical mass, causing an explosion.
The explosion sets off a thermonuclear chain reaction, and during this process enormous energy is generated.
The energy accumulated in the first seconds of the explosion is immeasurably less than after the explosion.

During a chain reaction, the most mysterious phenomenon occurs:
The space is expanding. If space expands, it can also contract.
The universe is expanding to this day. This process will continue until the complete disappearance of the free energy of the universe.

Continuing this concept, we can say that space, depending on energy, can expand or shrink.
When studying the universe, it will be found that depending on the moment of formation of the planet, the existing temperature and pressure, the chemical composition of the formation of different planets are different.
“If there are no thermonuclear reactions in space, the universe will disappear.”

To this day, the Universe is Expanding, this proves the truth of my hypothesis !!!

If the Narrowing of Space is dull – So the Universe Will Disappear?

The author of the hypothesis: Armen Grigoryan:


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