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The main mission of our website is to contribute to raising the educational level of the general public, which obliges us to start informing the society of our planet about the inexplicable possibilities of Quantum technologies. Opportunities that can develop our planet. To create incredible devices and tools that make people’s lives easier and help improve their health and vitality. Yes, quantum technologies will completely change our world. But I would like to emphasize that these same quantum technologies can destroy our planet in an instant. Now our planet is threatened by us, with the leaders of several nuclear weapon states making decisions: Who gave anyone the right to destroy a unique product of the human mind? Who is Putin, who is Biden or Xi Jinping, who can decide the future existence of humanity?

A Comprehensive Guide to 21st Century Skills.

Understanding 21st Century Skills

Our 21st century world is completely different. A lot has changed in the last two decades, even in the last two years. Technological devices move from the macrocosm to the microcosm. And the teaching methods have remained traditional. Historically ingrained methods and materials provided in educational institutions should be changed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Teaching in educational institutions should keep up with the times. Technology has changed everything, Covid-19 has violated our deadlines for the progress of educational reforms in the world. It is necessary to stimulate change and be sure to implement it with incredible speed and incredible scale:

In education and in our world in general, the stakes are higher and time is of the essence. Not understanding the sciences and humanities can have farther-reaching effects than ever before. What we do, learn, think, say, post, and tweet on one side of the world does now affect people on the other side, too. Our education needs to reflect this new world and prepare our children with the skills needed to succeed within it.

What are 21st Century Skills?

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We present to you the projects that are currently being developed in companies that are the largest centers in the world in the field of quantum technologies. You are provided with the latest information. There is no need to understand all the information, because you are studying the top league of quantum technologies, where not everything is easy to understand. There are things that even experienced experts have a hard time understanding.

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Researchers developed a quantum computer that can perform arbitrary calculations with quantum digits

The University of Innsbruck, Austria, realized a quantum computer that breaks out of this paradigm and unlocks additional computational resources, hidden in almost all of today’s quantum devices. Computers are well-known for operating with binary information, or zeros and ones, which has led to computers powering so much. This new approach results in more computational power with fewer quantum particles.

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