A civilization created by mankind for thousands of years, in which the collective mind of our ancestors is permeated,
which should be treated with great respect and extreme caution.

Since the main goal of our site is to contribute to raising the educational level of the general public, which obliges us to start informing the society of our planet about the inexplicable possibilities of Quantum technologies. Opportunities that our planet can develop. To create unimaginable devices and tools that will make life easier for people and will help improve their health and vitality. Yes Quantum technologies will completely change our world. But I would like to emphasize that these same quantum technologies can destroy our planet in an instant. The planet that created humanity over millions of years. A created civilization, in which the collective mind and thought of our ancestors are embedded.
Who gave someone the right to destroy the unique product of the human mind? Who is Putin, who is Biden or who is Xi Jinping, who can decide on the future existence of mankind?

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We present to you the projects that are currently being developed in companies that are the largest centers in the world in the field of quantum technologies. You are provided with the latest information. There is no need to understand all the information, because you are studying the top league of quantum technologies, where not everything is easy to understand. There are things that even experienced experts have a hard time understanding.

I don't think that's terrible, do you?I don't think that's terrible, do you?

Understand! What did you communicate with? Try to increase your level of knowledge, and everything will work out․


Researchers developed a quantum computer that can perform arbitrary calculations with quantum digits

The University of Innsbruck, Austria, realized a quantum computer that breaks out of this paradigm and unlocks additional computational resources, hidden in almost all of today’s quantum devices. Computers are well-known for operating with binary information, or zeros and ones, which has led to computers powering so much. This new approach results in more computational power with fewer quantum particles.

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Universe. Quantum Physics and Biocentrism.

Universe. Quantum Physics and Biocentrism.

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Signature of GOD in human DNA

Signature of GOD in human DNA

Signature of GOD in human DNA https://youtu.be/_jY-idA7RF4 Modern…
by | May 13, 2022
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